February is Customization Month!

For many of us, our motorcycle is an extension of our personality. A two-wheeled conglomerate of metal and self-expression. This month’s featured products are dedicated to those individuals eager to chop, weld, bend, and customize their bike into a 1-of-1 kind of ride.

To visit some of the custom work of Randakk’s customers, visit our Bike Gallery here

CBX Handlebar Conversion Kit

Randakks Honda CBX Handlebar Conversion Kit

Randakk’s is pleased to offer this fabulous conversion product created by Rick Pope that allows CBX owners to select and install standard 7/8″ handlebars.

This permits fine-tuning of desired ergos. Select from a wide array of conventional handlebars from sources such as Flanders to get a perfect fit! Great for custom builds. This product not only looks great, but can improve your comfort and control as well. Wider bars can be selected for more leverage…a useful and recommended improvement for many CBX riders.

  • CNC-milled from billet aluminum
  • Supplied with premium stainless attach hardware
  • Attractive machine “tooled” finish
  • 2 Versions available to support “early” and” late” CBX models
  • Simple installation

Note: Handlebars are not included. The handlebar shown above is a “Euro” bend.

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SuperBrace Fork Brace

Through a special arrangement with the manufacturer, Randakk’s is now the world’s exclusive supplier of genuine SuperBrace fork braces for the CBX! Available for all carbureted Goldwings: GL1000, GL1100, GL1200 and GL1500.

A fork brace won’t “fix” mechanical, tire or other real problems. It does make a subtle improvement over a perfectly working stock suspension. Some riders won’t notice. But riders with heightened senses, above average riding skills and sharp awareness of the bike’s feedback will notice…especially as the pace picks up and the quality of the road worsens.

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 ChopSource Digital Angle Finder for Frame Building

Chop Source Angle Finder Gen 3


So you just picked up a dusty ol’ Goldwing…whats the first thing you want to do? Tear it down and chop it? Sounds awesome. Add this digital angle finder from ChopSource to your toolbox for precision cutting. While the purist winces at the sound of the cutting tool, you’re well on your way to customizing your Honda just the way you want it.

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The beauty of customization is it is all up to you! Check out our full list of featured products and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email us at customerservice@randakks.com

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