Honda CX500

The CX500 and its cousins are terrific bikes. These are rugged little beasts which are loved by a large base of enthusiasts. I’ve owned one of these (GL500) and like them a lot. My good friend – the late Dick Smith (aka Dick in Raleigh) was a noted CX500 expert.

Here are some Tech Tips for the Honda CX500 you may find helpful!


Slightly less sexy than a Ducati 916, but their pedestrian looks are offset by legendary reliability. These have long been favored by couriers who need a trusty bike that handles well for urban warfare. With this series, Honda proved that it could build a better transverse twin than Moto Guzzi, then moved on to other pursuits. Many (including me) regret that Honda didn’t continue this line. Well cared for examples will last forever!

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CX500 Tech Tips


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