Rear Wheel Damper Replacements for Honda CBX, Honda DOHC-4 “F” and Honda VF Bikes

J.R. Luksik of CBX-tras has created superb NEW reproductions of Honda’s discontinued rear wheel dampers for Honda 6 Cylinder CBX, DOHC-4 “F” and VF Bikes.

CBX-tras Wheel Dampers 1a











I was happy to assist with a little R&D assistance …mainly by hacking up an old wheel! 🙂

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Reproduction GL1000 Graphics

(Note: I don’t supply these…order directly from Keith Fletcher)

For GL1000 graphics I recommend Keith Fletcher. Keith can supply exquisite reproductions of frame decals, pin-striping sets for the “tank, “radiator shrouds, side cover decals, etc. Keith can supply complete pin-stripe sets for the 75 and 76 GL1000’s to match all available factory colors.

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OEM Honda Replacement Parts

MR Cycles

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Ceramic Coating Service

Carolina Ceramic Coating

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Polishing Service

Mike Horne does all my polishing work. He is very familiar with the GL1000, GL1100, CBX and similar machines. Mike does superb work at reasonable prices …highly recommended!

Mike Horne Polishing Service
3840 Labette Road
Rantoul, Kansas 66079
(785) 242-7215 (home)
(785) 241-0145 (mobile)


Fuel Tank / Radiator Repair

Elizabeth Radiator

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Chrome Plating Service

Chrome Plating Service

Due to environmental regulations, many platers are being driven out of business. It’s getting very hard to find firms that will take on small projects typical with classic Honda restoration work. There is no longer any decent plater in my local market.

I am happy to have found Classic Components located in Santa Ana, California. These guys turn out exceptional chrome at reasonable prices.

Here are “before” and “after” pictures of some recent work they did for me. Good chrome is hard to photograph, but this work was PERFECT!

Classic Chrome Parts

This vendor understands that surface preparation is the key to good chrome work. Superior work with quick turnaround. Highly recommended!

 Classic Components, Inc.
3420 W. Fordham Avenue
Santa Ana, CA 92704
888-327-4189 ext 108
714-619-5691 (fax)


Powder Coating Service

Carolina Custom Powder Coating

Tom Davis does all my powder coat work. He is a motorcycle “nut” (Triumph restorer / collector). Prep is the key for good powder coating.

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