Randakk’s Riding Skills – Introduction

Randakk’s Riding Skills – Introduction

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Motorcycling changed my life. I mean that quite literally. If there weren’t vintage motorcycle enthusiasts, there would be no persona known as Randakk. For that I am sincerely grateful. That I am able to earn a living immersed in such fabulous machinery is quite a blessing. This Riding Skills project is dedicated to my customers who make all this possible!

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Randakk’s Riding Skills – Riding Gear!

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In times past I was pretty adamant with my advice on what other riders should wear when riding.  I’m much wiser now!

After much grief, flame-wars and hate mail, I have relented and adopted a point of view best-expressed by my friend Stu Oltman – Sr. Tech Editor at Wing World Magazine:

“Only bother covering those parts of your body that you plan on using again!”

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Randakk’s Riding Skills – Recommended Reading

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Riding into my 90’s and preferring antique Hondas will require that I keep the 2 wheel machinery operational. By disposition and temperament, I’ve never been one inclined to trust vehicle maintenance to others. Fast forward 30 years – I really doubt if GL1000 mechanics will be working at the local Honda dealership. Heck, you can hardly find a decent one today! Self-sufficiency on maintenance is essential. It helps keep you connected to the machine and aware of subtle changes in performance and operational feedback. In my experience, all top riders are “sensitive” to the condition and needs of their bike. The machine talks a very specific language – you must learn how to listen.

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Randakk’s Riding Skills – Disclaimers

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Reed and heed the following!

1. The Riding Skills material shared in this Blog is intended to augment live instruction by trained professionals.

2. No written material is an adequate substitute for on-the-bike training.

3. Motorcycle riding is an inherently dangerous activity.  You and you alone are responsible for your own safety.

4. Should you decide to implement any of the information shared here, you do so 100% at your own risk.

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