Diesel Clatter in Honda GL1000 ?

Does your early GL1000 sound like a rattling bucket of bolts when idling? If so, you might have a serious engine problem but most likely you do not. Read on…


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“Performance” Ignition / Carb Combination for ’78-’79 Honda GL1000 engines

I get lots of questions on this topic….

Honda GL1000 Ignition Advancer

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Honda GL1000 / GL1100 / GL1200 / CBX / DOHC-4 / CX500 & Variant Performance Parts

Build Sheet Details for Randakk’s Supercharged GL1000. Vintage Honda Performance!

This bike is now owned by a collector in Germany.

Portrait 3

Randakk’s RC-003 Supercharged GL1000 …Current Incarnation

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Starter Woes

Starter Problems

 Vintage Hondas like early GoldWings and CBXs have fairly robust starters. They do have wear issues that can lead to sluggish starting…especially when the engine is very hot. More on that issue later. A weak starter can cause hard starting…even if the bike is perfectly tuned. More on hard starting here.

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GL1000 VIN Codes, Etc. Explained

GL1000 Engine Restoration

Beautiful GL1000 engine restoration by customer Tom Cox of Loveland, Colorado

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GL1000 Muffler Replacement Options

Need a replacement muffler for your Honda GL1000?  Then you probably know already that this can be a vexing proposition!

GL1000 muffler

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GL1000 Starter Clutch Overhaul Tips

Starter clutch overhaul is an easy, but rather time-consuming task. If you have a starter that won’t engage or disengage reliably, your starter clutch probably needs attention. “Howling” or “screeching” noises from the left, rear side of the engine are other symptoms pointing to starter clutch or starter sprocket issues that require overhaul.


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Engine Rebuilding for GoldWings?

Unfortunately the economics of engine rebuilding are very poor on these engines.  Here’s some advice if you think you need a rebuild.


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GL1000 Valve Stem Seal Replacement

Since a few folks like to carp and quibble about the words and advice I offer in my Tech Tips so much, here’s a new format just for them …no words – just a very revealing photo!

Tech Tip Photo

I know what I’m doing here, but you’ll have to surmise the what/how/why details for yourself. 🙂

Another Reason to Change your Oil!

My Grandfather changed the oil in his car once a month. He greased the chassis lube points on the same frequency. He always said that oil and grease were cheap insurance compared to engine repairs. Grandpa was mainly right.

Change Your Oil

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