GL1000 Muffler Replacement Options

Need a replacement muffler for your Honda GL1000?  Then you probably know already that this can be a vexing proposition!

GL1000 muffler

Here are some options:

  1. Find a NOS exhaust. Virtually none are left. Expect to megabucks if you do find one. I recently sold the last one I had.  I don’t expect to find any more.  These have been fetching $2,000+ in a few cases!
  2. New Reproduction muffler by NHC Panels in the UK: this unit is distributed in North America by Sirius Consolidated.  See: Also available via David Silver Spares in the UK:
  3. Find a good used exhaust …expect to pay $300 for a sound one…getting scarce…most are now junk. Try to get one from a dry, southwestern salvage yard (like Arizona or New Mexico).  See parts sourcing links here:
  4. Aftermarket:
    1. MAC – Beware of issues with chrome plating.
    2. Jardine
    3. MoTAD – Distributed in North America by Sirius Consolidated.  See:
    4. JAMA (hard to find in US)
  5. Fit new Harley “take-off” mufflers available cheap at any Harley shop.  Late model Sportser mufflers work well but you will need some minor fabrication skill. See:  Free registration may be required to view.
  6. Custom exhaust. 
  7. Exotic exhaust like this: (Now out of production.)
  8. NOS Kerker 4-into-1. I recently sold my last set of these.  There are very few of these systems left.
  9. Custom fabrication. 

Note: Most aftermarket exhaust systems will actually reduce performance relative to the excellent OEM exhaust system which is superior in terms of flow and scavaging characteristics. More noise does not equal more power!

Usually, no re-jetting is required when the exhaust system is changed.  These bikes will tolerate most any exhaust system without complaint.  However, they are very sensitive to changes on the intake side. For example, K&N air filters are not recommended.

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  1. I put two Harley Sportster mufflers on my ’78 GL1000. I bought the pair off ebay for $99. Looked new and were a matched pair (the long ones). Super simple install. There are crossover baffles and you need to plug those, which I did with two freeze plugs from O’Reillys Auto Parts (.68 cents each) and some JB Weld to glue them into the baffles. Love the sound and my bike runs great. So if you need mufflers for your GL1000, the Sportster muffler is your lowest cost and probably best and definitely easiest solution. The mufflers have a built-in rear bolt hole that mates right up to your GL1000’s rear bolt mount. I laughed it was so simple. And they look great and sound great. I get compliments all the time from gawkers admiring my ’78. It’s fun.

    One extra note for the GL1000 lover – you can actually use the crossover baffles to connect your mufflers together near the headers, but you will need to relocate one of the baffles on one of the mufflers. Since the mufflers (if you buy two long ones) are exact copies of one another, when you mount them on your GL they will be facing one another and one baffle will be oriented up and the other one will be oriented down, and you cannot rotate them to face each other because of the… bolt holes mounting the far end of the mufflers. So either relocate a bolt hole or relocate a crossover baffle. Since the crossover baffle will be out of sight and the welding will leave a scar, just relocate the baffle and not the rear mounting point on the muffler. The baffle connect is worth it but I have more pressing needs and will get to that later. In the meantime, I have put 8000 miles on my GL with those mufflers and they are perfect. Not as quiet as the OEM ’76 mufflers, (GREAT PRODUCT) but they sound great. Not loud, but authorative.

  2. I know it’s a long shot but am looking for and exhaust system for A gl 1000 1976 is there a company out there that make copies

  3. I have a 80 gl1100 I acquired about six months ago and just got on the road I can’t stand a straight pipe aftermarket exhaust on it that’s rusty and petted the trade also came with a 78 gl1000 I was wondering if any part of the exhaust is interchangeable because the 78 has your original exhaust and stock is what I’d like to go back to

  4. I have an original muffler that I removed from my GL1000 K1 and, when I rotated it to set it down on the garage floor, there was something substantial rattling around inside. Can I assume that whatever has come lose inside has made my muffler scrap ? If not, is it possible to get it fixed.
    The muffler is in reasonably good condition so would hate to bin it.

  5. Hello
    I may have a Gl1000 K1 brand new genuine NOS silencer coming into my possession never been on bike few very light scratches to black very minor no dints would you be interested

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