GL1000 Valve Stem Seal Replacement

Since a few folks like to carp and quibble about the words and advice I offer in my Tech Tips so much, here’s a new format just for them …no words – just a very revealing photo!

Tech Tip Photo

I know what I’m doing here, but you’ll have to surmise the what/how/why details for yourself. 🙂

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  1. Another method I’ve heard of (but have not used) is filling the combustion chamber with yarn, leaving some out as to remove it and rotating the engine until the valve is held in place. Could be a good method for those without compressors and leak down testers.

  2. Excellent picture. I have recently come into possession of a 1977 GL1000, around 30k miles on it. Ran rough till I noticed the No. 2 carb mixture screw was only half turn out.
    It does smoke a fair bit on the left, unfortunately I have not had it running more than 5-6 minutes, due to weather here in Chicago. Would you suggest replacing the valve stem seals or just run a few tanks with fuel cleaner, I have had good success with seafoam on other bikes.
    Thanks for the great website and advice you provide.

    1. Run it at least 250 miles or so, Usually, that will reduce visible smoking considerably on a bike that has been sitting for an extended amount of time.

  3. You are removing the valve springs with the head still attached to the crankcase, by utilizing the wonders of compressed air.

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