Honda GL1000 CV Carb Cap “Button” Replacements

A new offering at Pistol Pete’s Services: newly developed OE style vacuum cap buttons replacements.

GRADE 123 lo

 Honda GL1000 CV Carb Cap “Button” Replacements

They are direct replacements for the originals with the same look and function.

Why live with this –

Cap Button Before


…when you can have superb replacements! 

Engineering testing has shown that “push out” pressure equals or is better than an OE unit in good serviceable condition.

Available only as an in-house service from Pistol Pete’s installed on your caps. Current cost for this service is $25.00 each or $80.00 for four.

Contact Pete Boody for additional details.


  1. Robert.didas says:

    Where do I send my slide caps to get them repaired

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