Not so “Green,” No-Drop Idle Mixture Adjustment Method

I find the factory recommended idle mixture screw setting specs to be very close to ideal. They are listed here for the Honda GL1000.

Idle FUEL Mixture Screw on Honda GL1000

I do usually richen them up an extra 1/8 to 1/4 turn (out) to compensate for the leaner modern “gasoline” which is diluted with ethanol in most US markets.

But sometimes, you just need an excuse to do some high performance tuning on your bike! 🙂 

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“Insensitive” Idle Mixture Fuel Screws?

I often field this common complaint: 

“I’ve noticed that turning the idle mixture screws nets different results on each of the individual carbs on my Honda GL1000:

  • #1 will kill the motor if turned all the way in
  • #3 has NO EFFECT on engine speed regardless of where it is set
  • #2 has what might be considered a “normal” effect
  • #4 has only a very slight effect if any at all

What does this mean????? I’m a bit confused?  Help please!!!!”

GL1000 Idle Fuel Mixture Screws

GL1000 Idle Mixture Fuel Screw

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Randakk’s Jetting Advice For Vintage Honda CV Carbs

Whenever I’m asked about “jetting” issues on vintage Honda carbs – here’s my strong advice:


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Honda GL1000 Carb Repair Kits Compared (Updated)

Note: an objective analysis of available Honda GL1000 carb kits was recently completed by Ron Carmichael.

Randakk's GL1000 Master Carb Kit

Randakk’s GL1000 Master Carb Kit

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Honda GL1000 CV Carb Cap “Button” Replacements

A new offering at Pistol Pete’s Services: newly developed OE style vacuum cap buttons replacements.

GRADE 123 lo

 Honda GL1000 CV Carb Cap “Button” Replacements

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Single Carb Conversions?

Warning: Controversial Material!

Single Carb Conversion

Pictured are a few of the single carb conversions I’ve evaluated (Ford, Solex and Weber carbs shown left-to-right)

I get a few inquiries about single carb conversions. This Tech Tip is my comprehensive answer.

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Special Tuning Tips for ’77 GL1000s + Carb Top Service

You might consider this item: Randakk’s GL1000 Carb Rebuild Video

Honda made a number of jetting tweaks in ’76 (K1 and LTD) and again in ’77 (K2) for US-bound GL1000s to cope with tightening emissions regulations. Other markets were affected as well. Honda necessarily made the bikes progressively leaner through these model years. Social responsibility is a good thing for large corporations, but these were not great moves from the rider’s point of view. Riding a bike with overly lean carburetion may be “green,” but it certainly can be frustrating.

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Removing / Installing Intake Runners

It is very important that the intake runners on your GL1000 provide a leak-free connection between the individual carbs and the cylinder head. During carb rebuilds, I remove the intakes for individual inspection and leak testing. This is also necessary to gain access for inspecting the throttle butterfly plates and retaining screws as well as the idle nozzles.

However, you probably shouldn’t disturb the bonded rubber connection to the carbs any more than necessary. Remember these parts are 25+ years old and the rubber is not as pliable as when new.

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