Not so “Green,” No-Drop Idle Mixture Adjustment Method

I find the factory recommended idle mixture screw setting specs to be very close to ideal. They are listed here for the Honda GL1000.

Idle FUEL Mixture Screw on Honda GL1000

I do usually richen them up an extra 1/8 to 1/4 turn (out) to compensate for the leaner modern “gasoline” which is diluted with ethanol in most US markets.

But sometimes, you just need an excuse to do some high performance tuning on your bike! 🙂 

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Reasonable Part Substitutions for Honda GL1000s

You can never go wrong with OEM Honda parts. Fit, function, and reliability are never an issue. If you have a show bike, authenticity requirements dictate that you stick with Honda parts wherever possible. Of course, if show judges are looking at things like your timing belts, then you have bigger problems!

The following chart lists reasonable substitutes that have performed well for me and many others. This information is available elsewhere, but I decided to post it here for convenience since I’m often asked. Prices are considerably less than the equivalent Honda parts.

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Removing GL1000 Front Fork Seals

Removing GL1000 Front Fork Seals
Rebuilding the front forks on a GL1000 is very easy. In fact, the GL1000 is one of the few bikes that permit a fork rebuild without removing the fork tubes from the triple tree! I don’t generally do it that way, but I have.The only difficult part is removing the old fork seals. The Honda workshop manual merely says: “remove the fork seal” with no additional explanation. Obviously, the writer of the manual never attempted this task!

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