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Randakk’s CB1123F Cafe Racer!

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This bike was built for me by J.R. Luksik of CBX-tras with assistance from Ken Sperry, Rosey Lackey, Jr., Al Bergler, Jim Sawtell, Dennis Parrish and many others.

The bike captured a 1st Place Sport Bike Class Trophy at the 2015 Detroit Autorama Show.

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Randakk’s CB1123F …aka “Cruise Missile”


1st Place Winner at the 2015 Detroit Autorama Show

This bike represents my vision for a proper cafe racer. Great looks combined with race-bike performance capabilities. Inspired by my involvement in AHRMA vintage road racing – this bike has it all: handling, performance and comfort. In the hands of a skilled rider, this bike is a track day and twisty road demon.

All-out speed was not the goal. Instead, I aimed for a balanced performance combination that would deliver an engaging riding experience for a skilled rider.

I attempted to avoid going overboard on this bike, but I failed miserably! :). The main focus is on function – not fussy attention to finish details. However, I happen think it looks great…very purposeful.

Interesting Build Details:
  • Starting point – stock ’83 CB1100F
  • Hand-formed Aluminum Tank, Tail and Side Panels by Al Bergler
  • Custom leather seat by Willy’s Work Shop
  • Powder and Ceramic Coating by QC Coatings
  • Fabricated exhaust with Jim Sawtell muffler can
  • Race-preppped engine with Big Bore kit (1123cc)
  • Banded clutch basket
  • Starter clutch upgrade (from Yamaha R1)
  • Setrab oil cooler
  • Suzuki GSX-R 1100 front suspension
  • Nissin 6-piston front calipers
  • Modified and braced rear swing arm
  • Custom Race-Tech Rear Shocks
  • Prototype Steering damper
  • CR Round-Slide Race Carbs
  • Speigler Stainless steel braided brake lines
  • Dynatek 2000 programmable ignition
  • V-rated tires
  • CRG Supersport Clutch Lever
  • CRG Hindsight / LS Mirror
  • Suzuki 200mm headlight
  • Koso electronic instrument cluster
  • VDO mechanical oil pressure gauge
  • Graphics by Wild Bill and Associates
  • Randakk High Performance Intake Clamps
  • Randakk Standard Oil Filter Conversion Kit to allow “spin-on” filter
  • Randakk High Performance Fuel Filters (2 used)
  • Randakk GEN II Amazing Grips

Special thanks to J.R. Luksik of CBX-tras for a masterful creation that is a joy to ride!

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