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Randakk’s CB1123F Cafe Racer!

Extensive “Build” Photo Album (200+ photos)

This bike was built for me by J.R. Luksik of CBX-tras with assistance from Ken Sperry, Rosey Lackey, Jr., Al Bergler, Jim Sawtell, Dennis Parrish and many others.

1st Place Winner at 2015 Detroit Autorama

CB1123F at Kershaw AHRMA Race

This bike represents my vision for a proper cafe racer. Great looks combined with race-bike performance capabilities. Inspired by my involvement in AHRMA vintage road racing – this bike has it all: handling, performance and comfort. In the hands of a skilled rider, this bike is a track day and twisty road demon.

All-out speed was not the goal. Instead, I aimed for a balanced performance combination that would deliver an engaging riding experience for a skilled rider.

I attempted to avoid going overboard on this bike, but I failed miserably! :). The main focus is on function – not fussy attention to finish details. However, I happen think it looks great…very purposeful.

Interesting Build Details:
  • Starting point – stock ’83 CB1100F
  • Hand-formed Aluminum Tank, Tail and Side Panels by Al Bergler
  • Custom leather seat by Willy’s Work Shop
  • Powder and Ceramic Coating by QC Coatings
  • Fabricated exhaust with Jim Sawtell muffler can
  • Race-preppped engine with Big Bore kit (1123cc)
  • Vince & Hyde Racing Cam Chain Tensioner Upgrades
  • Banded clutch basket
  • Starter clutch upgrade (from Yamaha R1)
  • Setrab oil cooler
  • Suzuki GSX-R 1100 front suspension
  • Nissin 6-piston front calipers (new)
  • Modified and braced rear swing arm
  • Custom Race-Tech Rear Shocks
  • Prototype Steering damper
  • CR Round-Slide Race Carbs
  • Speigler Stainless steel braided brake lines
  • Dynatek 2000 programmable ignition
  • V-rated tires
  • CRG Supersport Clutch Lever
  • CRG Hindsight / LS Mirror
  • Suzuki 200mm headlight
  • JES-Built AHM-style crank end covers
  • JES-Built frame gussets
  • Koso electronic instrument cluster
  • Stewart Warner mechanical oil pressure gauge
  • Graphics by Wild Bill and Associates
  • Randakk High Performance Intake Clamps
  • Randakk Standard Oil Filter Conversion Kit to allow “spin-on” filter
  • Randakk High Performance Fuel Filters (2 used)
  • Randakk GEN II Amazing Grips

Special thanks to J.R. Luksik of CBX-tras for a masterful creation that is a joy to ride!

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