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Randakk’s CB1123F Cafe Racer!

Extensive “Build” Photo Album (200+ photos)

This bike was built for me by J.R. Luksik of CBX-tras with assistance from Ken Sperry, Rosey Lackey, Jr., Al Bergler, Jim Sawtell, Dennis Parrish and many others.

1st Place Winner at 2015 Detroit Autorama

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What I’ve Learned from AHRMA Vintage Roadracing

By: Randall Washington (aka Randakk)

Vintage motorcycles can change your life. I mean that quite literally. Building a business immersed in such fabulous machinery has been quite a ride.  One of the best aspects? Working with the American Historic Racing Motorcycle Association, AHRMA.

Steve Sharp Aboard Fierce Honda CB175

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A Year of AHRMA Road Racing on the Randakk’s Cycle Shakk sponsored Honda CB900F by Dennis Parrish

Dennis Parrish AHRMA 2017 Season

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Randakk’s Vintage Honda Race Team Sponsorships

Randakk’s Cycle Shakk is the Class Sponsor for AHRMA’s Vintage Superbike Lightweight Class.

This is a hyper-competitive class filled with many talented riders. For many years, the class was dominated by the mighty Honda FT500 Ascot thumper.

Randakk’s and Z-1 Enterprises are also sponsoring six-time AHRMA National Champion Dennis Parrish, who will be riding Hondas AND Kawasakis in the 2017 AHRMA vintage road-race series.

Dennis Parrish 2016

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2016 AHRMA Race Effort

Become a fan and follow the race season here:  Randakk’s Cycle Shakk for Vintage Honda Motorcycle Enthusiasts Facebook

In addition to my primary sponsorship of Dennis Parrish, I’m happy to announce that I will also help sponsor Will Brint’s CBX fielded by Tim’s CBX in AHRMA Vintage Superbike Heavyweight competition this year.

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More About AHRMA Racer Dennis Parrish

Here are a few fun facts reported by Dennis about himself and his love affair with motorcycles.

 Dennis Parrish at speed

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2012 Race Effort


 Become a fan and follow the race season here:

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2011 Race Effort

2011 Season Summary:

41 Sprint Races
31 Podiums
15 Wins


1st – SuperVintage Class Champion SMRI
1st –Vintage Heavyweight Class Champion SMRI
1st –Vintage Middleweight Class Champion SMRI

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2010 Race Effort

2010 Race Schedule / Results
2010 Season Summary:

24 Sprint Races
21 Podiums
12 Wins

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2009 Race Effort

2009 Race Schedule / Results

 2009 Season Summary:

AHRMA Standings:

Nationally ranked 2nd in Vintage Superbike and Formula Vintage.Regional series (Pacific Crown): 1st in Formula Vintage and 2nd in Vintage Superbike.

Regional series (Masters of the Midwest): 2nd in Vintage Superbike and 2nd in Formula Vintage

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