Vendor Spotlight: J.R. Luksik and CBX-tras

J.R. Luksik of Clinton Township, Michigan owns CBX-tras and is a Randakk Approved Carb Rebuilder who utilizes Randakk carb components exclusively in all his work.  J.R.’s specialty: Honda CBX and DOHC4 models such as the CB1100F.

Contact J.R. Luksik at


CBX-tras promo shots 007

J.R. Luksik with a Few of His Hondas

I’ve known J.R. for many years.  He is a serious motorcycle enthusiast and an absolute wizard on the Honda CBX.  He is also a trusted Randakk collaborator.  We have a number of interesting projects under development. His work is highly recommended without reservation!

His specialities and expertise include:

  • Honda CBX “Guru”
  • Carburetor Specialist
  • CBX Alternator Conversions
  • Custom Pistons
  • Motorcycle Restorations
  • Fabricator
  • Hot Rodder – 1991 Ridler Contender
  • College Professor
  • Certified Master Technician since 1979

J.R. is also a Team Member of Sperry/Lackey Land Speed Racing:

Randakk's announces new sponsorship

Left to right: J.R. Luksik, “Rosey” Lackey Jr., Ken Sperry and Ralph Pitlock Sperry/Lackey Racing Team – Since 1969

J.R built this show winning custom CB1123F for Randakk. This bike won the 1st Place Sport Bike Class Trophy at the 2015 Detroit Autorama Show.

Finished 2

J.R collaborated extensively and did much of the tricky fabrication and engine upgrades on my Supercharged CBX:


  J.R. is highly recommended without reservation!

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  1. hi there J R .
    i’ve got an cbx 1000z with a broken alternator , the clutch, rotor, windings and housing so im looking for a conversion alt . i live in the uk how much is one of yours and how much is the postage .

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