Randakk’s Cycle Shakk Announces New Sponsorship

Winston-Salem, NC, November 9, 2012

Randakk’s Cycle Shakk LLC is pleased to announce a sponsorship arrangement with the Sperry / Lackey Racing Team who will field  a Supercharged Triumph for a 2013 Bonneville Run!

Randakk's announces new sponsorship

Left to right: J.R. Luksik, “Rosey” Lackey Jr., Ken Sperry and Ralph Pitlock Sperry/Lackey Racing Team – Since 1969

• Bike: 1982 Triumph Bonneville. This motorcycle has set 7 World Land Speed Records, 5 still stand.

• Currently running in Class 750 APS/PBF which stands for: 750cc, “A” frame (modifications allowed), partially streamlined, push-rod motor, blown, on fuel (nitro-methane or methanol).

• The fastest speed was attained in August 2012 at the Bonneville Salt Flats, Utah at 162.43 mph. Running against a 88 mph record in this class, achieved a 2 run average of 140 mph, a world record.

• The motors are built from ‘60s vintage Triumph Bonneville components utilizing 4 valve per cylinder heads, Eaton Supercharger, Diamond Racing Pistons and a purpose-built fuel injection system that is designed and fabricated by Ken Sperry.

• The team is able to run in various classes with changes to wheelbase, fairing (with or without) seat extension fairing, fuel type, displacement, normally aspirated or blown.

Sperry / Lackey –  Team History

• Ken Sperry began his career in fuel injection working at Kinsler Fuel Injection in the 1960s where he eventually met Roosevelt Lackey Jr. who worked at Triumph Detroit. Triumph Detroit set the World Land Speed Record for motorcycles in 1966 at 245+mph with a streamlined, twin engine, 750cc, normally aspirated bike. Sperry was brought on-board to build a nitro-methane fuel injection system for that bike so Triumph Detroit could increase their land speed record.

• Sperry and Lackey became friends and decided to team up together to go racing, either at the drags or for land speed records.

• Now, both retired, Ken was an Engine Development Engineer at General Motors and Rosey worked together with Ken at GM in the dynamometer lab and a contact engineer at the Orion Assembly Plant.

• Ken Sperry is the brains behind the mechanics of this bike. An accomplished welder and machinist, he designs and fabricates most everything on it. He builds the motors, fuel injection system, suspension, handles frame modifications and does it all in his home workshop.

• Roosevelt Lackey Jr. or “Rosey” (as he likes to be called), is the ace rider. Besides piloting the bike, with the insatiable urge to go fast, at 75 years young takes care of all the details for making the long trips from Michigan to Utah, in charge of team morale and making sure everything is up to specification for a safe and clean attempt at the salt.

• Ralph Pitlock – a mutual friend of Ken and Rosey’s for years, he’s responsible for paint and body work. Ralph also travels with the team to Bonneville for support.

• J.R. Luksik – The newest member invited to the team is a neighbor of Ken’s and has known Rosey causally for many years. J.R. is known in the vintage Honda community for his work on multi cylinder inline motorcycles such as the CBX and CB1100F. He is responsible for all electrical aspects of the bike and to lend a helping hand wherever needed. For more information, see: www.randakks.com or contact Randall Washington via the Contact Form.

About Randakk’s Cycle Shakk:

Randakk’s Cycle Shakk is a web-based enterprise specializing in proprietary carburetor rebuild kits, reproduction parts, tuning information and other restoration resources for Honda GoldWings and other vintage Honda motorcycles.

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