Team Winston Runs Strong at 2018 AMA Bonneville Motorcycle Speed Trials

John Winston (aka “Winston”) and team just completed their most productive run ever with the supercharged Honda GL1000 saltracer. New rider Larry Shields battled numerous gremlins (including a fried clutch) but still managed 136+ mph at Bonneville. Winston and Larry have big plans for next year! 
Team Winston’s Supercharged GL1000 Salt Racer

Team Members (from left): Daryl Governale, Larry Shields, “Winston” and Hap Shields

Bike History:

The Naked Wings salt racer was conceived while Winston was recuperating in a Daytona Beach Hospital Cardiac Ward in 2009. Winston was inspired by the Anthony Hopkins movie The Fastest Indian chronicling the exploits of Burt Monro. He felt that at 62 years of age, it was not too late for him to build The Fastest Gold Wing.

Burt Munro Provided the Inspiration!

In 2012, the bike was finished. Winston made his first trek to the Bonneville Salt Flats to only be turned down by Tech Inspectors for several minor rules infractions.

In 2013 “Naked Wings” made her second long trek to Ohio for the East Coast Timing Association LSR event and thanks to several members in the NGWClub working through the night the bike make one run and claimed the first record in it’s class.  

In 2016 Winston passed tech at the Bonneville Speed Week event and once again only finished with one run due to mechanical issues with a top speed of 131mph.

In August 2018 –  “Naked Wings” returned to Bonneville for the AMA Bonneville Motorcycle Speed Trials. Overcoming numerous mechanical challenges, Larry Shields made three successful runs …each better than the last with a final speed through the mile of 136.45mph just 15mph short of the 151mph record in her class.

Larry Shields changed a clutch …on the salt in less than 2 hours!


Larry Shields set to launch for the final run


Happy Rider after the third (and fastest) run


Proof of a Successful Outing

The Bonneville Motorcycle Speed Trials are now sanctioned by the AMA. This bike runs in AMA’s APS-CBF 1000 Class (1000cc, Partial Stream Line, Classic, Blown Fuel …with 2 Valve Cylinder Heads.) The current record for this class is 151.25 mph.

The Class Record is within Reach!

Winston’s bike is currently “under-geared” …which limits top speed for the available power. Plans are in place to address final gearing as well as improvements in: overall weight, weight distribution, aero drag, carburetion, fuel management, ignition and blower drive details. The record is definitely within reach in 2019!

Team information

Owner:  “Winston”

Sponsors:   Shield’s Speed Shop, NGWClub and Randakk’s Cycle Shakk

Rider and Chief Mechanic:  Larry Shields

Daryl Governale: Crew Chief

Hap Shields: Racing Guru and Logistics

Bonneville is a Special Place!


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