Team Winston Runs Strong at 2018 AMA Bonneville Motorcycle Speed Trials

John Winston (aka “Winston”) and team just completed their most productive run ever with the supercharged Honda GL1000 saltracer. New rider Larry Shields battled numerous gremlins (including a fried clutch) but still managed 136+ mph at Bonneville. Winston and Larry have big plans for next year! 
Team Winston’s Supercharged GL1000 Salt Racer

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Not so “Green,” No-Drop Idle Mixture Adjustment Method

I find the factory recommended idle mixture screw setting specs to be very close to ideal. They are listed here for the Honda GL1000.

Idle FUEL Mixture Screw on Honda GL1000

I do usually richen them up an extra 1/8 to 1/4 turn (out) to compensate for the leaner modern “gasoline” which is diluted with ethanol in most US markets.

But sometimes, you just need an excuse to do some high performance tuning on your bike! 🙂 

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Low Power Issues on Honda GL1000?

(This Tech Tip is written for the Honda GL1000 …mostly applicable to any vintage motorcycle.)  

If you’ve ever ridden a “healthy” GL1000 you will agree that it is a surprisingly fast bike …especially given its vintage. The original design goal by Honda was slanted toward “sport” rather than “touring.”  In fact, when GL1000s were new in 1975 – only the mighty Kawasaki Z1 was faster.  Honda was shy about publishing actual horsepower figures, but the design goal was 80 horsepower at the crank. That’s quite respectable …even today.

Dyno Testing Randakk’s Dual Weber Carb Setup

If your GL1000 seems a bit ‘pokey,” there are many possibilities. Here’s a checklist of essential things to check:

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