Removing / Installing Intake Runners

It is very important that the intake runners on your GL1000 provide a leak-free connection between the individual carbs and the cylinder head. During carb rebuilds, I remove the intakes for individual inspection and leak testing. This is also necessary to gain access for inspecting the throttle butterfly plates and retaining screws as well as the idle nozzles.

However, you probably shouldn’t disturb the bonded rubber connection to the carbs any more than necessary. Remember these parts are 25+ years old and the rubber is not as pliable as when new.

Several people have asked me how I manage to remove the intakes. Without special knowledge, it takes quite a bit of muscle to do this. “Horsing” them off with more force than necessary puts the connectors in jeopardy. Sadly, I’ve heard reports of frustrated owners resorting to hacksaws for removal! 

Here’s how to remove them easily without putting undue stress on the rubber connectors:

  • Remove your carbs from the bike and drain the fuel bowls if you haven’t done so already to avoid safety hazard Click Here for details on removing your carbs.
  • Very important…make sure each intake clamp is loosened all the way (screw retracted until no threads extend beyond the captive nut).
  • Dip the entire carb assembly in a 5 gallon bucket partially filled with about 6 inches of very hot tap water. The right depth of water will just cover the lower 2 intakes without allowing water to enter the carb internals.
  • Wait approximately 5 minutes.
  • Remove the carb assembly from the bucket, allow excess water to drain and place the carb assembly on your work bench.
  • The 2 heated intakes can now be removed with a gentle levering motion. A 12″ ratchet extension has rounded edges that makes a very suitable lever if you need a bit more “oomph.” 
  • Repeat for the remaining pair intakes. If you dally, you may have to get a fresh batch of hot water.

Note: In times past, I used a heat gun (similar to a high powered hair dryer) to heat each intake’s rubber connector for removal. I found that the bucket of hot water was faster and gentler on the intakes.

Here’s how to reinstall the intakes:

  • Place all 4 intakes in a bucket of very hot tap water.
  • Let them sit for approximately 3 minutes.
  • While the intakes are soaking in the hot water, put a light smear of grease (such s Vaseline) on each carb outlet “snout.”
  • Remove one intake at a time from the bucket and blow out the residual water with compressed air.
  • Install the intake with a gentle levering motion.
  • Repeat for the remaining intakes.
  • Make sure the positioning lugs are engaged correctly
  • Snug up the intake clamps a bit…I wait until the carbs are re-attached to the bike before doing the final tightening of the intake clamps.

There you have it…very low tech, but quite effective!

Don’t want to tackle a rebuild yourself? Click Here for details on Approved Carb Rebuilder services.

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