Removing GL1100 Carbs

You might consider this item: GL1100 Carburetor Repair Manual written by noted GL1100 guru Howard Halasz

This Tech Tip is provided courtesy of Howard Halasz – noted GL1100 Guru. Howard is a frequent contributor of technical columns and other information to GWRRA’s Wing World Magazine.

You might consider this item:

Howard Halasz’ GL1100 Carburetor Repair Guide

“As you’re aware of, removing the GL1000 carbs requires removing the air cutoff valve first.

But on the GL1100s, the vacuum chambers #1 and #3 must be removed first. Then the rest of the carburetor assembly will slide out of the left side of the Gold Wing rather easily.

The way I do it, I loosen the manifold clamps and remove the 8 manifold bolts. Then I position the carb assembly to a position where I can reach the 4 screws that fasten the vacuum chambers to the carb bodies. Then I remove the chambers, slides, and springs from #1 and #3. Next comes disconnecting the throttle cables, choke cables, and fuel line between the plenum and fuel pump. Then the manifolds come off, and the carb assembly will come out through the left side of the motorcycle rather easily.”

Howard Halasz, Wing World Technical Contributor – Houston, TX

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  1. I have just started the rebuild of my GL1100 Interstate and I can confirm there is no way the carbs will slide out of the frame as described. I had removed both sets of vacuum chambers but the only way to get the carbs back into position was to move the fuel (gas) tank back about an inch or so.. It is only a single bolt holds mine in place so not a lot of hassle – after I had finished swearing at it!
    Also, I found that the vacuum chambers cannot be replaced after the carbs are secured to the heads.
    And thanks for some great tips and advice in general.

  2. 1982 1100 goldwing—Boggs at about30mph is there an accelerator pump on this . Is is it diaphragms in the carbs(4 carbs) . Tried sea foam , not any better. Should I rebuild it. Looking for HELP…..

    1. You probably have carb and / or ignition problems. Fuel additives will not help and can possibly worsen your situation. GL1100 carbs have both an accelerator pump and 4 air cut-off valves. Start by reading the material here:

      A rebuild by a knowledgeable professional is always a solid idea if you lack experience rebuilding carbs. See:

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