GL1100 Scuffed CV Slides

You might consider this item: GL1100 Carburetor Repair Manual written by noted GL1100 guru Howard Halasz

This Tech Tip is provided courtesy of Howard Halasz – noted GL1100 Guru. Howard is a frequent contributor of technical columns and other information to GWRRA’s Wing World Magazine.

You might consider this item:

Howard Halasz’ GL1100 Carburetor Repair Guide

“Scuffed carb slides was a problem unique to ’82-’83 GL1100s. Honda addressed the problem by recalling models with defective slides and installing Teflon coated vacuum pistons and slides. That was only a temporary fix. After about 1000 miles with the Teflon coated vacuum pistons and slides, the slides started scuffing again.

After doing a little of my own research, I discovered that the vacuum pistons/slides and vacuum chambers were not defective. After lightly chamfering the small burr at the intersection of the carb bores and slide bores, the scuffing problem disappeared.”

Howard Halasz, Wing World Technical Contributor – Houston, TX

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  1. Rebuilt gl1100 carbs last summer with your kit. Worked great, rode all summer and into fall. Bike sat 3 months. I always put a couple oz Marine Stabill with every tank of fuel.

    When I started after sitting it won’t idle and won’t return to idle quickly. It did before. I don’t know what to
    do other than take the carbs off and do them again.

    Can I reuse the rubber parts from your kit or do have to buy another kit.



    1. Modern “gasoline” deteriorates VERY quickly as you just found out. You may have clogged idle jets.

      Hanging idle is discussed here:

      Our rubber carb parts last indefinitely once installed. With only a year of use, you should be able to re-use the entire kit if you are VERY CAREFUL, but it is considered a “best practice” to replace internal rubber carb parts whenever they are disturbed.

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