GL1100 Bogs Down at Full Throttle

This Tech Tip is provided courtesy of Howard Halasz – noted GL1100 Guru. Howard is a frequent contributor of technical columns and other information to GWRRA’s Wing World Magazine. This Tech Tip applies to any 4 cylinder GoldWing (GL1000, GL1100 or GL1200).

If your GL1100 Gold Wing bogs down at full throttle, there are two possible causes.

1. If your air cutoff valves were never replaced since the bike was new, the air cutoff valve diaphragms might be compromised. This can cause a number of carb maladies including “bogging” at full throttle.

2. The 1982 and 1983 Gold Wing carburetors had a recall to replace the scuffed CV slides with Teflon coated slides. From our experience, that recall was only a temporary fix. Balky slides that don’t rise properly in response to engine demand will dramatically reduce full power output! To check – remove the carburetor vacuum chambers and look for parabolic scuff marks on the intake manifold side of the slides. If you see scuff marks, then lightly chamfer the sharp edge of the carburetor bore and slide bore intersections. Thoroughly clean the carburetor vacuum chambers and CV slide pistons until they slide smoothly inside the chambers (see Randakks Mechanical Mastery Series Volume 1: GL 1000 Carb Rebuilding DVD for a good method on exactly how to clean the slides and vacuum chambers).

Remember: The CV slides were factory matched for weight and clearance. DO NOT MIX THEM UP! MATCH MARK THE CV SLIDES ACCORDING TO THE CYLINDER NUMBERS THEY BELONG TO!! 

With new air cutoff valves, air cutoff valve seals, and chamfered carb bodies, your Gold Wing should not bog down anymore.

Also, use a vacuum pump with gauge to test your vacuum advance diaphragm on your pulse generator assembly. Remove the rubber vacuum hose from the vacuum port at the #3 carburetor bowl and connect it to the vacuum pump. If the gauge indicates a leakdown, make a plug from a golf tee and a piece of hose or other suitable material and plug the vacuum port on the carburetor bowl. Replacement pulse generator assemblies and vacuum advance diaphragms are no longer available from Honda, and the slight loss of vacuum advance will not be noticeable.

Howard Halasz, Wing World Technical Contributor – Houston, TX

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