GL1100 Clutch Issues

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This Tech Tip is provided courtesy of Howard Halasz – noted GL1100 Guru. Howard is a frequent contributor of technical columns and other information to GWRRA’s Wing World Magazine.

“Another GL1100 weakness, particularly with the ’83 models, is early clutch damper plate failure.

If you ever get into doing clutch repairs on the GL1100, most clutch repairs can be performed without engine removal. However, if the clutch basket needs replacement, the engine will need to be removed from the motorcycle. You might be able to get by with the same tools you use on the GL1000s. However, the GL1100s have 4 regular bolts and 2 dowel bolts that fasten the lifter plate to the pressure plate.

The lifter plate has two little buttons that mark where the dowel bolts go, and the 4 regular bolts go everywhere else.

Here are the part numbers for the tools that you will need:

  •  Lock nut wrench, H/C 074989, P/N 07716-0020202
  •  Clutch center holder, H/C 095699, P/N 07923-4610000 or P/N 07923-4610001

Howard Halasz, Wing World Technical Contributor – Houston, TX

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