Honda GL1000 Carb Code Location

This is covered in my GL1000 Carb Rebuild Video, but just in case you haven’t made that great investment…

Here’s a photo showing the location of the all-important GL1000 Carb Codes:

In this case, the code is 755A indicating 1975 US-market carbs.

To view the codes with the carbs still on the bike, use a small inspection mirror and a strong light. You can get such a mirror in the tool department at Sears. Be sure to check all 4 carbs…they must match! More details here.


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  1. I’ve owned my 1978 gl1000 for about 10 yrs now. Bought it from a guy under the overpass in Ohio for $200 bucks! Initially had to rewire the whole thing to get it running (whole electrical system had been hodgepodge) but once that was sorted, the bike ran beautifully for many miles. I had noticed a few interesting things over the years that didn’t quite fit with where I knew the bike to come from; had upgraded front springs, rear shocks, Dyna ignition and coil upgrade… I started to think that the original owner had really cared about this bike but it had really fallen on hard times. A few years ago, when I was at Sturgis a guy had pointed out that the carbs must have been swapped for “better performance”. Figured this was just another shadow from the previous owner… fast forward to today; I decided to give this bike what it deserves and do an all out, spare no expense, restoration! Well, pulled the carb rack and in the process was curious what the numbers were. Turns out, I can’t find any numbers! Not sure what’s up, but let me know if there’s somewhere else I should look? Or any other thoughts are much appreciated!!!

  2. Just bought a decent 76 GL1000 that has a build date of 12-75. The carbs are all 755’s which implies they are 1975 carbs on a 1976 bike. It this kind of normal due to the build date?

      1. I also have 1975 k1 early numbers starting 200—- with 755a carbs registered in uk.
        I was informed by vintage goldwing club this correct for early Goldwing’s that came to Europe. They also know of another seven in the uk

          1. So now I have another 76–this time it’s the LTD. carbs are 763A which should be correct. Everything I read says the mechanicals of the LTD are identical so why the 763A verses the the common 76 gl1000 carbs??

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