Randakk’s Amazing Grips – Install Tips for Motorcycle Grips

Another Gripping Randakk Video presentation:

Watch on YouTube for best results.

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Honda GL1000 / GL1100 / GL1200 / CBX / DOHC-4 / CX500 & Variant Performance Parts

Build Sheet Details for Randakk’s Supercharged GL1000. Vintage Honda Performance!

This bike is now owned by a collector in Germany.

Portrait 3

Randakk’s RC-003 Supercharged GL1000 …Current Incarnation

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GL1000 VIN Codes, Etc. Explained

GL1000 Engine Restoration

Beautiful GL1000 engine restoration by customer Tom Cox of Loveland, Colorado

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Honda GL1000 Tire Recommendations

Look familiar?


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Removing GL1000 Front Fork Seals

Removing GL1000 Front Fork Seals
Rebuilding the front forks on a GL1000 is very easy. In fact, the GL1000 is one of the few bikes that permit a fork rebuild without removing the fork tubes from the triple tree! I don’t generally do it that way, but I have.The only difficult part is removing the old fork seals. The Honda workshop manual merely says: “remove the fork seal” with no additional explanation. Obviously, the writer of the manual never attempted this task!

GL1000 Muffler Replacement Options

Need a replacement muffler for your Honda GL1000?  Then you probably know already that this can be a vexing proposition!

GL1000 muffler

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Brake Bleeding Tips

Bleeding the brakes on a GL1000 is straightforward and well-covered in any manual. However, this can be a most aggravating task. Below are some tips to reduce your frustration.


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Driveshalf U-Joint Inspection

Thanks to Wayne Tucek for suggesting this tip! Early ‘Wings have very robust driveshafts, but they do fail occasionally. The most common failure point is the u-joint on the front of the shaft where it joins the transmission output shaft. The rear splines that join the rear coupler can fail, but that’s very rare.

Low Speed Wobble?

Low Speed WobbleDiagram by Vittore Cossalter and Roberto Lot

I get this question frequently: “Do you know why if you let go of the handle bars under 30 mph my ‘Wing has a bad wobble?”

Early ‘Wings and most other bikes of this vintage don’t have any inherent wobble tendencies and they are rarely ridden at the “limit” where handling anomalies are magnified.

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Removing Stiction from GL1000 Front Forks

GL1000 forks are notorious for stiction…especially if you use inferior, aftermarket fork seals. A bigger problem: careless re-assembly of front end components that can introduce additional stiction. The typical scenario is putting some “bind” into the forks by the manner in which the front axle is secured on the left side. This often happens after front tire work by sloppy mechanics. The GL1000 is very sensitive to this detail!

Here’s how to remedy. Keep in mind that the sequence and order of this procedure is very critical:

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