Flooding Issues on Vintage Hondas

Flooding is a common problem in vintage Hondas – especially on bikes that don’t get run much.  Flooding can be just a minor aggravation …like hard starting or poor fuel mileage. But, it can also lead to catastrophic problems such as severe engine damage or even a fire!  Flooding issues should not be ignored!

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A Year of AHRMA Road Racing on the Randakk’s Cycle Shakk sponsored Honda CB900F by Dennis Parrish

Dennis Parrish AHRMA 2017 Season

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Knuckle Busting 101 – Throttle Cable Detach / Attach

You might consider this item: Randakk’s GL1000 Carb Rebuild Video

Throttle cable replacement on GL1000s is a straightforward operation, but there is a trick I will share which makes it much easier to accomplish.

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