Honda Float Bowl Drain Screw Placement

Honda GL1000 float bowl drain screws will be difficult to loosen for periodic maintenance if the float bowls are installed onto the wrong carbs.

There are specific left/right carb bowls plus a special bowl for carb #1 (with vacuum hose barb). The bowls will bolt up and run fine on the wrong carbs, but it will be hard to get a screwdriver blade onto the drain screws when the carbs are installed on the bike.

Carb Bowl Drain Screws

Correctly placed carb bowls situate the drain holes in close proximity to the adjoining carb. This way, you can easily aim a screwdriver past the intakes and cross-coolant tubes to the target screw once the plug wires are moved out of the way.

The correct orientation for the carb bowl drain is with the the screws inboard are shown here…

Carb Bowl Drain Screws

Correct placement of carb #1 and carb #3 float bowls. Note hose barb for air cutoff valve vacuum hose on carb #1

Carb Bowl Correct Screw Placement

Correct placement of carb #2 and carb #4 float bowls.

 If your bowls are on the wrong carbs, the easiest solution is to remove the intake runners for better access. The next time the carbs are off the bike, the float bowls should be returned to the correct locations.

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