One in a Million! Allan Zahrt’s Million Mile GL1000

How many million mile motorcycles are there?  Answer below. Read on!

July 2017

Allan Zahrt with his Million Mile GL1000!

In the early seventies Honda launched without fanfare an ambitious project. Internally, Honda had a bold plan: to build the world’s best motorcycle. Not just the best Japanese motorcycle  – the best motorcycle available anywhere in the world. Period! The eventual result of this project was revealed to the world at the Cologne, Germany International Motorcycle Show (INTERMOT) in October, 1974 as the GL1000.

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Recommended Honda GL1000 Timing Belt Change Interval

My recommendation for Honda GL1000 timing belts is simple: It you can’t verify their age – change them! Thereafter, my recommendation is to change them every 5 years or 25,000 miles…whichever comes sooner. Obviously, they should be inspected from time to time for any evidence of damage or deterioration which would warrant immediate replacement.

timing belt replacement

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GL1000 Starter Clutch Overhaul Tips

Starter clutch overhaul is an easy, but rather time-consuming task. If you have a starter that won’t engage or disengage reliably, your starter clutch probably needs attention. “Howling” or “screeching” noises from the left, rear side of the engine are other symptoms pointing to starter clutch or starter sprocket issues that require overhaul.


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Engine Rebuilding for GoldWings?

Unfortunately the economics of engine rebuilding are very poor on these engines.  Here’s some advice if you think you need a rebuild.


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Comprehensive GL1000 Charging System Troubleshooting

This Tech Tip is provided courtesy of Ray Proebstl of Munich, Bavaria, South Germany. Ray is a professional educator in the field of electronics. He is a long-time avid GoldWing enthusiast.

Here are the components of the GL1000 charging system.

GL1000 Electrical Diagram

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Hervey Boucher’s Big Adventure

Note from Randakk:

Randakk customer Hervey Boucher and his companion Martine are currently on a great journey from Quebec to South America on his 1976 Honda GL1000!


He has limited access to email and the Internet, but here are some interesting dispatches.  Pictures at top …narrative at the bottom.

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Ballast Resistors Explained + Ballast Testing Procedure

Like most battery/coil setups of this vintage, early GoldWings feature a “wasted spark” ignition design. This clever design was chosen by the engineers to save weight and space. Thus, only 2 coils are required to fire 4 spark plugs. All without a distributor as in most cars of this era.

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Widowmaker 4-into-4 Megaphone Exhaust System for Honda GL1000

This custom exhaust system is currently out of production. Contact – Hank Thibodeau for more details.

For my exclusive Master Carb Overhaul Kits and other items…click here


Honda GL1000 4-into-4 Megaphone Exhaust System by Widowmaker
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GL1000 Swing Arm Pivot Bearing Upgrade

This Tech Tip is provided courtesy of John Evans of Glasgow, Scotland. John is known as “Old Fogey” on the Naked GoldWing Forum

If you have to renew your swing arm bearings, here is a simple and effective upgrade for you.

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Air Jet Mix-Up Problem

You might consider this item: Randakk’s GL1000 Carb Rebuild Video

Note dated 11/17/2008: The folks at Clymer’s are apparently not listening. Roger Gerson and Jim Morrison recently reported that their copies of Clymer’s GL1000 Manual (Fifth edition, 23rd printing – July, 2004) still perpetuate this mistake. It’s safe to assume that all versions up to this point have this error!

I mainly use the official Honda Workshop manual as my technical reference “Bible.” I occasionally look at Clymer’s or Haynes for cross-reference. Recently, I was reminded of a serious, long-standing problem with most (all?) Clymer GL1000 workshop manuals. This “typo” can cause serious distress if you rely on the misinformation when rebuilding your carbs.

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