GL1000 Plenum Leak Testing Method for Air and Fuel Circuits

This Tech Tip is an abbreviated version of material I show in detail in the GL1000 Carb Rebuilding video. The pictures are mostly self-explanatory.

I like to do each of these tests twice: once before the rebuild begins to help me understand what I’m likely to find inside the carbs and again when the rebuild is nearing completion to check the work.

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Intake Runner Leak Testing Method

This Tech Tip is provided courtesy of Fred Reckling of Las Vegas, NV.

In my GL1000 Carb Rebuild video, I show the method I use for testing intake runners for hidden leaks. I uses rubber stoppers and a vacuum pump for this testing. My method works very well, but sometimes folks have a challenge finding the right size rubber stoppers and the hose barb needed to duplicate my rig.

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Replacing GL1000 Air Box Gaskets

This Tech Tip is provided courtesy of Howard Halasz – noted early ‘Wing Guru. Howard is a frequent contributor of technical columns and other information to GWRRA’s Wing World Magazine.

“Many times when the GL1000 air box is removed for carburetor repair or other repair, the rubber gasket becomes damaged from being rubbed or scraped against the top shelter. The following shows how to replace your damaged air box gasket.

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Repairing Stripped Float Bowl Threads

This Tech Tip is published at The Motorcycle Project …created by vintage Honda wizard Mike Nixon.

Photo courtesy of Mike Nixon

Don’t let this minor disaster ruin an otherwise perfect carb body!

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More On Aftermarket Fuel Filters

Fuel filters are no longer included in Randakk Master Carb Kits. But, it would be a crime to redo your carbs and not take prudent measures to ensure a pure fuel supply! We recommend the OEM Honda filter as a high quality replacement unit.

We now offer the optional Randakk High Performance Fuel Filter with sizes to fit virtually any carbureted motorcycle. Details here.

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