Honda CX500 and Variants – Additional Carb Fit Details

This information is courtesy of my good friend – the late Dick Smith (aka Dick in Raleigh) – who was a noted CX500 expert.

Honda CX500 and Variants – Additional Fit Details

This information is courtesy of my good friend – the late Dick Smith (aka Dick in Raleigh) – who was a noted CX500 expert.

Scroll to the bottom for help in determining whether or not you have an accelerator pump! (See: picture in comment section.)


CX500 Standard. No accelerator pump. Fuel hose input on outside of left carb. Pipe with o-rings between carbs. Adjustable floats.


CX500 Custom and Deluxe. Fuel hose input moved to brass pipe between carbs. Some with accelerator pump, some without. Some may have adjustable floats.


Standard removed from Honda line, replaced with Deluxe model.


CX500 Custom and Deluxe. With accelerator pump. Extra pipe between carbs for accelerator pump output. Vacuum port added to 1981 right carb for petcock. Fixed non-adjustable plastic float. Nonadjustable mixture screw.


GL500 introduced (SilverWing) Fuel hose input moved back to left carb. Carbs are closer together than on early CX500. Piping between carbs is same diameter as CX.


CX500 Deluxe removed from Honda line.


CX500 Custom Accelerator pump, center fed fuel, with vacuum port (considered the best set to buy)


GL500 no changes.


GL650 & CX650 Only changes were to jet sizes and mounting method. Carbs are angled not parallel and have complex CBX style throttle links.


  • CX500 Fuel line inputs were moved due to the bike tending to start on the left carb only when parked on side stand. Center fed helped but didn’t eliminate the problem.
  • Accelerator pump added due to the bike stumbling off the line. This improved off-idle response.
  • GL500 Carbs are spaced closer together. Not enough room for center fed.
  • GL650 & CX650 carb mounting and different air box made the carbs difficult to mount parallel to each other. They are mounted with the outputs farther apart than the inputs. Requires complicated mechanics between carbs.
  • All variants have rubber blanking plugs over the idle jet access.Early CX500 carbs (without accelerator pumps) use the same rubber blanking plugs as used on some CB750, CB900 and CBX models.
  • Later CX500s (with accelerator pumps), all GL500s and all 650 models use similar rubber blanking plugs, but these have a slightly larger diameter. The plugs required for early CX500s are too small and WILL NOT WORK in these carbs!
  • All variants have 2 main fuel jets: primary main and secondary main (both removable)
  • Some variants have non-removable idle jets.
  • All 650s have removable idle jets.
  • The “non adjustable” EPA-mandated idle mixture screws on later versions can be reworked 3 different ways.Remove the tang on the bowl with a hack-saw
  • Remove the tang on the screw.
  • Carefully heat the limiter cap with a soldering iron and gently pry off the cap.
  • Broken idle mixture screws can be saved by making a sharp hack saw cut straight down into the brass. Thus creating a new screw head slot. Note: do not cut too deep into the carb body. If you do, you will have a very nice aluminum paper weight instead of a carb body! Soak in penetrating or sewing machine oil and the mixture screw (nearly) always comes out. Stubborn cases may benefit from the careful application of heat from a pinpoint torch. This helps loosen fuel varnish. The slight hack saw into the carb body is a draw back from a restoration point of view, but a good tradeoff all things considered.
  • Idle mixture screws on GL1100, CBX, CB500 and CM400s are all the same.
  • There are 3 variations on the air-cut off valves. Even thought the OD of the diaphragm is the same for all 3, they do not interchange as there are differences in the actuating pin and spring.
  • There are 2 variations on the accelerator pump. These do not interchange.
  • Float pivot pins same as GL1100 / CBX.


  1. Phil James says:

    Hi is the diameter of the CX 650 and CX 500 carbs the same i.e34 mm or is the 650 larger?

  2. Terry Cox says:

    I have a 1980 CX500D that is running on the left cylinder only. I cleaned out the carbs and blew air through the passages and cleaned all the jets. Still running on one cyl. The rt side will run if I spray carb cleaner in the air box. What is causing the lack of fuel ?

  3. Is there any way from the outside appearance of cx 500 carbs to tell if they have the screw-in slow jet or the push-in jet. many thanks

  4. Steve Morgan says:

    I rebuilt my carbs(81 Cx500 with accelerator pump) the fuel doesn’t go past the tube into the bowls, all orifices are clear,any suggestions would be great.

  5. We got a 1982 GL500 missing the carb intake manifolds / boots, I am not seeing anything decent for sale, can I use a set from a CX500 instead they are $20 brand new on eBay.

  6. I have a 1979 cx500 custom and accidentally bought version B thinking I had the accelerator pump. Will it matter that I don’t?

  7. Hello Randakk,

    I have a 1981 CX500C. Looks like I need the version B carb rebuild kit?

  8. Willem Smit says:

    The GL500 accelerator pump rebuild kit comes with an O ring. I couldn’t find an O ring in my setup. Probably discarded by the previous owner. Where should it be placed and what does it do?

    Thanks Willem

  9. greg nokes says:

    can I use any model cx500 carbs on my 1982 gl500? it seems quality used carbs are hard to find in the gl500 but i have seen many cx500 carbs looking brand new for relatively cheap compared to beat rusted up set of gl500 carbs for the same price. Can I use te cx500 if I swap out the intakes as well?

  10. Gene Taylor says:

    How do I know what kit to order for a 1980 CX 500 custom?

    • It depends on whether or not you have an accelerator pump on your bike. Some ’80 CX500 Customs have the pump …some do not. If you have the pump (most likely) …you will need our Kit “B” Version. If you do not have an accelerator pump ….you will need our Kit “A” Version.

      The accelerator pump is mounted on the bottom of one of the fuel bowls and looks something like this:

      Acclerator pump

      (GL1100 pump shown, but CX500 is similar.)

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