Easy Source for GL1100 Idle Mixture Screws

Check out Randakk’s GL1100 Carburetor Repair Manual written by noted GL1100 guru Howard Halasz

Looking for replacement idle fuel mixture screws for your GL1100? Look no further!

Use Kawasaki part 16014-1080. Retail $10.36 each. Comes with the spring, washer and o-ring. This part is the exact same part used on Honda CBX, GL1100, CX500, DOHC-4 and many other Hondas of this vintage (but not GL1000).

GL1100 Idle Mixture SrewsCorrect orientation of GL1100 idle mixture screw, spring, washer and O-ring shown above (Kawasaki part 16014-1080)

Since 90% of the all the carbs Kawasaki has sold in the past 10 to 15 years, whatever model, use this same screw, your friendly Kawasaki dealer can easily round these up for you. If you are really lucky, he may even have them on the shelf.

Both Honda and Kawasaki have used the same carburetor vendor (Keihin), but in Honda’s case they didn’t contract to make the idle mixture screws available by themselves, whereas Kawasaki did. Chalk this up to differences in philosophy, size of company, scale of parts business, etc.

Oddly, there is another Kawasaki part number for the idle mixture screw alone (no washer, spring or o-ring) but it costs a few cents more at $10.90 each! That part number might be handy as well: 16014-1054 (idle mixture screw only).

Special thanks to Mike Nixon for this letting us “behind the curtain” for one of his secrets!

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