Honda GL1000 Smokes on Initial Startup?

Catastrophe or Nuisance?

Smoke on initial Startup 1

Greg Jones (left) and Al Wransky (right). Photo by Scott Larson
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Motorcycle Petcocks 101

What is a petcock? Why is important to vintage motorcycle owners?

Can Proper Petcock Use Prevent This?

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JIS Screwdrivers for Vintage Japanese Motorcycles

Did you know? 

Every ‘cross-point” screw on every Japanese designed motorcycle from the 1950s right up to the newest bikes in the showroom today were manufactured with a unique JIS screw head design we don’t see on products made here in North America. JIS stands for Japanese Industrial Standard.

JIS Screwdrivers 2

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Honda DOHC-4 Motorcycle Gallery

David Groth’ ’83 CB1100F – Spring Grove, PA

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CBX Motorcycle Gallery

Tim Then’s custom ’79 CBX – Gloucester, UK

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GL1200 Motorcycle Gallery

John Westcott’s ’84 GL 1200I “Dark” with Standard Tank Pod – Clarkdale, AZ

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GL1100 Motorcycle Gallery

Trent Spaulding’s ’82 GL 1100 – Mesa, AZ

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