Randakk’s Business Partners

Recently, I’ve been fielding lots of questions about where I source my unique manufactured and fabricated products.

I evaluate and select business partners based on their unique manufacturing talents, quality, consistency, reliability, dependability, honesty and integrity. Familiarity with the Japanese philosophy of Kaizen (continuous and unending improvement) is paramount. Price is certainly important, but secondary to high quality in my view.

A keen appreciation of motorcycles in general and vintage Hondas in particular is a must. Likewise, an appreciation of the unique demographics represented by my enthusiast customer base is must.

Generally, my suppliers grant certain exclusivities to me in exchange for the volume that I help generate for their business.

I am privileged to work with a very talented and dedicated group of suppliers! Most of them are avid owners and riders of vintage Hondas. I am very grateful for all they do to help me grow my business, offer unique products and enjoy what I do!


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