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Elizabeth Radiator

Bill Sovitski is the owner of Elizabeth Radiator in Elizabeth, PA. Bill offers excellent fuel tank repair at reasonable prices. He uses a plastic material called Red-Kote® which is superior to other methods. This process locks in surface rust and prevents further rusting. In addition to this coating service, he can help if you need more extensive tank repairs.

One detail, Bill’s process requires the removal of the pick-up screens from inside the tank. I believe this is an acceptable tradeoff to have all your rust and leak problems resolved permanently.

Expert radiator repair is available as well.

Bill owns a GL1000, so he has an appreciation for these bikes.

 Elizabeth Radiator
1550 Hayden Boulevard
Elizabeth, PA 15037
(412) 384-5310

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  1. Hello,
    I have a motorcycle gas tank that needs to have light rust removed inside. Some people have taken theirs to a radiator repair business to have them cleaned. Do you offer this service?
    I bought evaporust and then I want to coat it with the Caswell gas tank sealer kit that I bought. (Epoxy) I want to try to get the tank as clean as possible without damaging the outer tank coating.

  2. Hi
    I am wondering how to look for rust in the gas tank and how to remove it?
    Also I can see that the fuel opening (where the fuel goes in) has little rust on the inside, I wonder how much is in the tank.

    All advise welcome.

    Best regards,
    Karlott Olafsson

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