Replacing Throttle Shaft “Felts” on Honda GL1000, GL1100, GL1200, DOHC-4, CBX, CX500, etc.

Replacing Throttle Shaft “Felts” on GL1000, GL1100, GL1200, DOHC-4, CBX, CX500, etc.

Felt Replacement

Throttle Shaft Felt Replacement  (photo courtesy Aaron Williams of Dude’s Garage)

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Honda GL1000 Emulsion Tube Variations

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Emulsion tubes are perforated nozzles designed to pre-mix fuel and air for subsequent metering by the main fuel jets. Sometimes these are also called:

  • Main jet nozzles
  • Main jet holders

Emulsion Tube Variations

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Honda Float Bowl Drain Screw Placement

Honda GL1000 float bowl drain screws will be difficult to loosen for periodic maintenance if the float bowls are installed onto the wrong carbs.

There are specific left/right carb bowls plus a special bowl for carb #1 (with vacuum hose barb). The bowls will bolt up and run fine on the wrong carbs, but it will be hard to get a screwdriver blade onto the drain screws when the carbs are installed on the bike.

Carb Bowl Drain Screws

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Honda GL1000 Plenum Leak Testing Method for Air and Fuel Circuits

This Tech Tip is an abbreviated version of material I show in detail in the GL1000 Carb Rebuilding video. The pictures are mostly self-explanatory.

I like to do each of these tests twice: once before the rebuild begins to help me understand what I’m likely to find inside the carbs and again when the rebuild is nearing completion to check the work.

These tests are highly recommended. More than one customer has omitted seals or made other mistakes during a rebuild. These tests can save your bacon and help you avoid the time-consuming hassle of having to do the carb installation twice!

GL1000 Plenum Leak Testing

GL1000 Plenum AIR Circuit Testing Method

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Early vs. Late Carb Mixing and Matching / Honda GL1100 Carbs on Honda GL1000? + Honda GL1000 Carb Specs

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GL1000 Carb Interchange IssuesJoukoCarbs3

Honda GL1000 Carbs Restored by Randakk Customer Jouko Tomminen of Lahti, Finland

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Honda GL1000 Carb Code Location

This is covered in my GL1000 Carb Rebuild Video, but just in case you haven’t made that great investment…

Here’s a photo showing the location of the all-important GL1000 Carb Codes:

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Intake Runner Leak Testing Method for Honda GL1000, GL1100 and GL1200

This Tech Tip is provided courtesy of Fred Reckling of Las Vegas, NV.

In my Honda GL1000 Carb Rebuild video, I show the method I use for testing intake runners for hidden leaks. I use rubber stoppers and a vacuum pump for this testing. My method works very well, but sometimes folks have a challenge finding the right size rubber stoppers and the hose barb needed to duplicate my rig.

Fred Reckling devised a slightly simpler method that works very well. This method works for GL1000, GL1100 and GL1200 intakes.

Intake leak testing for carb rebuild

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Stainless Steel Fastener Use with Vintage Honda Carbs?

Once in a while I get a question about stainless steel fasteners and why I don’t include them in my kits or offer them as an option. The short answer is that I’m in the business of helping people solve their carburetion problems, not to create new ones. If you like the bling aspect of stainless steel fasteners, then consider this.

Stainless Fasteners

Stainless steel makes a great looking fastener. The fact that they don’t rust is another plus. However, I don’t recommend their use in vintage Honda carburetors. Here’s why…

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How to Cure Off-Idle Flat Spot “Glitch” in Honda GL1000

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Allow me a little soapbox time. Early GL1000s are routinely criticized for having poor carburetion. The criticism has been repeated so often by so many that it has become accepted as fact. Here is my contrarian view: the early GL1000s have great carburetion set-ups! My personal ’76 GL1000 show bike has flawless, near-linear carburetion…rheostat-like throttle response, no flat spots, starts easily, warms up fast enough and has a decent idle. My carbs are completely stock except for a few minor tweaks I make on all the carbs I service. I’ve owned and ridden many bikes. I believe the stock set-up on a GL1000, properly maintained and tuned delivers results as good as you can reasonably expect on a 4 cylinder, 4 carb bike of this vintage with this level of performance. In fact, GL1000 carburetion is easy to sort compared to some of the demonic setups I’ve encountered (my Weber-equipped Ducati 750 Nuevo Sport wins the prize as the worst I’ve ever personally grappled with).

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Honda GL1000 Petcock Rebuild and “Retro” Update

You might consider this item. I show how to rebuild the GL1000 petcock in Randakk’s GL1000 Carb Rebuild Video

Randakk’s proprietary petcock rebuild kits are included in GL1000 and GL1100 Master Carb Overhaul Kits and also available separately.

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