How To Plan A Bike Project

Restoring a vintage bike is a rite of passage for any classic motorcycle enthusiast, but it is one that home mechanics often avoid. There really is no reason to be nervous about taking on a bike project, though. With a little planning and forethought, everything usually goes pretty smoothly.

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Air Cutoff Valve Overhaul

You might consider this item: Randakk’s GL1000 Carb Rebuild Video

The air cutoff valve is a simple but vital component of the carburetor system on GL1000s. It’s function is to eliminate backfiring on hard deceleration (throttle fully closed). Hard deceleration creates a high vacuum signal in the intake tract which activates the valve. When activated, it restricts the flow of air to the external idle circuit air jets thereby richening the mixture. This slightly richer mixture is calibrated to eliminate backfiring in this operational mode.

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