GL1000 Motorcycle Gallery

’75 GL 1000 show bike “Marilyn”

This was one of Randakk’s favorite GL1000s. It was on loan for the Kaizen Exhibit at the AMF Motorcyclopedia Museum in Newburgh, NY during 2013.

That exhibit featured the top 50 Japanese models as selected by the curators.

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  1. tag on my gl1000 reads build date Feb.1975. I purchased from original owner Apr. 93 Have extensive service record from new till now. This is my main ride. It had 42;000 mi. when I got it; now has 127,000 mi. I change oil every 3,000 mi.and on my 5th set of tires. I have’ nt had many major problems, and have always taken the bike to be serviced when needed. I’ve enjoyed traveling everywhere with this bike , but now in my mid 60’s I feel it’s time to let it go to a new owner. One who appreciates its value as a classic.

  2. I just completed carb overhaul on a 1976 Gl1000. Final bench cleanup revealed a brass orifice with a star and wht looks like 35 stamped on the end. I opened all the carbs and could not see any parts missing.
    Where does this orifice go? HELP.
    PS: NGK resistor plug eds successfully installed. Thanks for not laughing. Bill

  3. i am restoring my gl1000, it is completely original and all the Tupperware is vettter. I have everything complete as far as parts go, as I want to tour with this machine, is it a fiscally viable option to continue with the build.
    I would appreciate any and all input, thanks, Lorne

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