More on Fuel And Fuel Additives – Fear the Corn?

Warning: Controversial Material!

Corn Ethanol Fuel

I grew up in a farm family in the South, so I’m very fond of corn. Of course I like grits, but my favorite form of corn is high quality bourbon! I have personally benefited from crop subsidies and understand the benefit of the emerging ethanol (made from corn) fuel market to corn farmers. I am sympathetic to their issues.

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Fuel Tank Service – Don’t Get “Kreemed!”

When you go to the time, effort and expense to rebuild your carbs, they will have absolutely pristine innards. It would be a crime to connect them to a contaminated fuel tank. Now’s the time to evaluate the condition of your fuel tank. At a minimum, drain or siphon all the old fuel out. The drain plug is located near the rear master cylinder. Obviously, do this outdoors to avoid fire hazard.

Once the fuel is out, you can see the inside through the filler next with a strong flashlight (somewhat easier in a dark garage, so you may want to push the bike back indoors for this step). I usually remove the fuel sending unit for a better view inside the tank…but, this means you will need a new gasket for the sending unit. Note: the only sealant I’ve found that will prevent the threads of the drain plug from leaking (even with the OEM crush washer) is Permatex Aviation Form-A-Gasket No. 3 Sealant.

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