Randakks Master Carb Overhaul Kit®: Honda GL1100

World’s Best GL1100 Kit!

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This kit is proprietary to Randakks…you won’t find this available anywhere else at any price. 

This kit has been created using the same philosophy as our industry-leading GL1000 Master Carb Overhaul Kits.


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Aftermarket Fuel Filter Mounting Issues

More on the topic of aftermarket fuel filters here

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I’ve personally had very few problems using aftermarket fuel filters designed specifically for the GL1000 such as the commonly available EMGO model. However, there have been some reported failures with such aftermarket filters. Fuel leaking from a fuel filter is more than a nuisance…it’s a very serious fire hazard.

Here’s a tip to prevent problems with these filters. The probable cause of leaking aftermarket filters is over-tightening of the 2-part bracket that secures the filter to the front of the fuel tank. If the aftermarket fuel filter has a diameter just slightly larger than the OEM spec, tightening of the retainer screw can put to much stress on the plastic filter housing which may cause it to fail eventually.

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