Honda DOHC Motorcycles Randakk Master Carb Overhaul Kits®

World’s Best DOHC Kit!

Randakks Master Carb Kit 100-1223 Cover


The architecture of these carbs is very similar to the GL1100, CBX, and CX-500 carbs that we have been supporting with our proprietary Master Kits for quite some time. After fielding numerous requests, Randakk’s has decided to extend coverage to these models.


This kit is proprietary to Randakks…you won’t find this available anywhere else at any price. 


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Air Cutoff Valve Overhaul

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The air cutoff valve is a simple but vital component of the carburetor system on GL1000s. Its function is to eliminate backfiring on hard deceleration (throttle fully closed). Hard deceleration creates a high vacuum signal in the intake tract which activates the valve. When activated, it restricts the flow of air to the external idle circuit air jets thereby richening the mixture. This slightly richer mixture is calibrated to eliminate backfiring in this operational mode.

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