January 2018’s Featured Products

Happy New Year, Goldwing lovers!

Looking back on 2017,  you probably put a healthy number of miles on your Honda. You know this is right up the Randakk’s alley when we say that you may be due for a carb cleaning/rebuild.

  • Is your motorcycle hard to start?
  • Is it running a bit off-kilter?
  • When you dial the throttle, are you getting the desired performance?
  • Do you ride with the choke on? (this means you have a clogged pilot jet)
  • Sluggish acceleration?
  • Bad fuel economy?

These are all signs that your bike is in need of some carburetor love. In most scenarios, there’s only really one way to see if your carbs are due for a complete rebuild: pull them off the bike and take a look inside. And since you have them off and dissembled, you might as well do your future self a favor and rebuild them now.

January’s Featured Products are dedicated to those precious carburetors, everything from the all-inclusive Randakk’s Carb Rebuild Kits to the e-clips.

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Old School Carb Cleaning Methods

If you’ve watched my GL1000 Carb Rebuild Video, you know that I’m strongly opposed to total immersion chemical carb cleaning methods. The very harsh ingredients in these “buckets of doom” are bad for your carbs, your health and the environment. The lubricating/sealing felts used on the throttle and choke butterfly shafts on GL1000 carbs are particularly vulnerable to such abuse.

Heaven forbid you were to carelessly dunk your GL1100 carbs in one of these buckets. Your air-cutoff valves as well as the accelerator pump would quickly be history if they were left in place. Sadly, GL1100 air cut-off valves and accelerator pumps are frequently ruined by indiscriminate use of carb cleaners (even with no dunking) due to their vulnerable locations.

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