Jump Starting a Vintage Motorcycle?

Warning from Randakk: Controversial Material! 

I am not a big fan of “jump starting” a motorcycle. In my view, this procedure should generally be avoided. I believe it’s better to anticipate, prevent, diagnose and fix problems before they degenerate into roadside “no starts.” But – sometimes bad things happen no matter how well prepared you are. Jump starting can be done in an emergency situation with relative safety if you follow these tips by Howard Halasz. I truly hope you will never need this information!

Battery Jumpstarting
“Dead” Battery on Left.     “Donor” Battery on Right.

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Comprehensive GL1000 Charging System Troubleshooting

This Tech Tip is provided courtesy of Ray Proebstl of Munich, Bavaria, South Germany. Ray is a professional educator in the field of electronics. He is a long-time avid GoldWing enthusiast.

Here are the components of the GL1000 charging system.

GL1000 Electrical Diagram

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Approved Carb Rebuilder Program – While You are Waiting Instructions

Here are some recommended maintenance items you can address while you are awaiting the return of your rebuilt carbs. Most of this is written from the GL1000 perspective, but generally applies to other models as well.

Imperative – all tune-up issues must be in order before you synchronize your freshly serviced carbs. Especially: plugs, plug wires, points and timing! Click here for my “Tech Tips” section for helpful information on setting points and ignition timing properly.

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