Randakk’s Amazing Grips – Install Tips for Motorcycle Grips

Another Gripping Randakk Video presentation:

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Honda GL1000 Plenum Leak Testing Method for Air and Fuel Circuits

This Tech Tip is an abbreviated version of material I show in detail in the GL1000 Carb Rebuilding video. The pictures are mostly self-explanatory.

I like to do each of these tests twice: once before the rebuild begins to help me understand what I’m likely to find inside the carbs and again when the rebuild is nearing completion to check the work.

These tests are highly recommended. More than one customer has omitted seals or made other mistakes during a rebuild. These tests can save your bacon and help you avoid the time-consuming hassle of having to do the carb installation twice!

GL1000 Plenum Leak Testing

GL1000 Plenum AIR Circuit Testing Method

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